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Veda Herbal's one & only vision is to take the legacy of Ayurveda, and provide the real natural power for human life constantly.

by: Veda Herbal

Painorex, an Instant Pain Remover ointment for relief from Rheumatic Pain, Head ache, Back ache, Relieves Musculo Skeletal Pain and joints. Just rub gently on the affected areas and say good bye to your pains.

  • Hey, friends today I am Aayushmaan going to tell you about my personal experience on Veda Herbal's Products, this is India's no.1 pain relieving balm...
    Jennifer Lee
  • Veda Herbal's Painorex mainly cures major headache problems and back pain problems.RESULTS: Painorex balm is worked by providing relief from pain.
    Brandon Ross
  • Painorex balm is very effective for pain relief, specially I use this for headache. Even my family members use it for different reasons. My mother uses it for backache my father uses it for knee pain. I think this product is very useful.
    Sara Wright